Friday, October 24, 2008

Do you remember a while back on this post that I mentioned that we were going to try to grow some vegetables in kiddie pools?
Well we did but all my things died. The reason.....they were pot bound by the time we put them in the pool. So we had given up. Then my brother started a garden and pulled some cucumbers up because they were overcrowded at his garden. He brought them to me and he put them in my little kiddie pool.
So guess what is growing on our plant in October. I plan on taking good care of these plants and see how many cucumbers we can get before we get a freeze. Just so you know we don't get many freezes but it is usually enough to kill everything.

Next year I plan on the larger pools which are not only larger but deeper than these little ones. I hope it works out better.


Missi said...

I love fall veggies:)

Missi said...

I guess that is technically a fruit??? Or maybe more like a mr.tomato???

Just: Carolyn said...

I remember your post about the kiddie pool/garden! Sorry it didn't turn out as good as you wanted it to. Looks like you are gonna get at least one cucumber!! hehehe

Looking good! Keep up the hard work! Till it freezes, whenever that might be hehehee!

Love, Carolyn @};-

Bayou Jac said...

Wow - I hope you get a good crop!
I'm trying to figure out what to plant in our garden for fall, but I think I'm too late for much of anything (at least, anything that we'd actually eat!)

Cucumbers are veggies. I just learned that Pumpkin and Squash, although they're in the same family as Watermelon, they're considered vegetables, because they're not sweet.
Learn something new everyday!

Missi said...

When we heard the ladies from the botanical society speak, they did a big lecture on whats a fruit/ what's a veggie... along with the question having actually gone to the supreme court in the case of the tomato...they said that botanically (technically) they are veggies...but in culinary terms they are can read more about it her: and the sill court case of the tomato here:

Thus why I came up w/ the term "freggie" for all fruits posing as veggies in our food...rofl...

live4evermom said...

Missi, you make me laugh. I love the term "freggie". I'll have to look at those links. Thanks for sharing.

Carolyn, in the spring we will try a deeper pool and NOT start the seeds indoors. Hope that does the trick.

Jackie, this weather has been weird this year. We have been having very cool temps for Oct. I Just hope to get a few cucumbers before our first freeze.