Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"On The Watch" Wednesday

Today was a long day for us. We started out going out in service with the tract work. We had a great time. The boys each had a brother to go with and the little one went out with a sister. I was alone today but it was nice seeing the boys have a nice time.

We ran home and had lunch then the older boys had art class. Then went to get groceries. Then went to mom's house to take her some fruit and water her plants before rushing home to start dinner. I hadn't planned "school" for today but hoped to at least get our article done today.

We did start it. We actually listened to it since I had already downloaded it. It is so much easier on my throat and I love to hear the readers. The article we concentrated on was Six Keys to Personal Success and we were able to listen to the first 3 points. The first was Keep Money in Its Place, second was Cultivate a Generous Disposition and third was Forgive Freely. We paused the article at the end of each point and discussed them and how we could do something to better ourselves. Tomorrow we will finish up the article with some further discussion on possible ways to improve.

I am looking forward to this Wednesday routine. Glad you set it up Jackie.

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Bayou Jac said...

What a terrific lesson!
I love that you listened to the audio, too. I never think to do that. I can see my children paying more attention when it's a BROTHER's voice, instead of mom!

Thanks for sharing!