Friday, October 17, 2008

Picture Quiz

I found this guy in the pool so he is still wet. Now I think I know what it is after all that investigating. Does this one go in the ooohhh pretty or ooohhh gross category?

It was pretty big. The wing span was about 4 inches.
So take a guess. What is this? This counts as your nature study time. Search identification guides and the internet to see if you can figure this out. I've gotta do a notebooking page on this one. When I do I will put it on my homemade homeschool goggle group. So be on the lookout.

Now as always leave your guess in the comments and next Friday I will post the answer on here and put up another picture quiz. Wait till you see next weeks quiz.
Update: From what I have found this is a Carolina Sphinx Moth.

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