Wednesday, October 15, 2008


The boys had fun this day. Isaac came inside and told me he saw an armadillo. So of course I went outside with my camera. We found it trying to hide behind our shrubs and it did not being found. It started running. The one thing I found interesting about an armadillo is that while running they also take big hops.
That is how he got into the pool. He took a big hop into the pool. I guess he thought it would be easy to get out. WRONG!!!! We had to get this long pole we have with a net to clean the pool and Isaac put it under the armadillo to give it a chance to get out.
It did get out and went right to a sprint and hop and ran into the tall grassy field by our house.

So in honor of our armadillo I made a notebooking page. I put it over on Homemade Homeschool.

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Just: Carolyn said...

OH MY Goodness!! I laughed outloud when I saw this thing in your pool!! hahahahaha That must have been one funny sight to see! If you see one like that again, can you take a video of it, my kids would love to see him hopping and running like that! That would be so neat to see!

CH @};-