Friday, October 10, 2008

Where Were We?

We decided at the last minute to take off and spend a night at this cabin and take off in the morning to some sightseeing. We stayed here when we evacuated for hurricane Ike. It is a really nice house cabin.
It is all pine on the inside and looks very cabin-ish.
This was the master bedroom with a very high king bed. I literally had to climb into bed. Not a good thing for someone with arthritis pains.
This is the boys room. Two full size beds. Oh each room had its own tv. The boys liked that.
A little relaxing that night before our next day of fun.
So where did we go? We were going to head on over to Fredricksburg to do a few things but saw this on the way and decided to stop. I sure am glad we did. It was amazing.
We started our drive into the land and came across the family cemetery where LBJ is buried along with Lady Bird and other family. It was a very beautiful place for a cemetery. Huge oak trees overhead. It was breezy and cool in that shade.
This is LBJ's stone, Lady Birds was still not there but there was a vase with flowers where she is at. All the stones are smaller but LBJ's is the tallest one. You can see it under the oak tree in the picture above.
Next stop was the home which was known as the Texas White House. As of now only one room is open to the public. Since Lady Bird died in 2007 only one room has been fixed up and eventually, little by little other rooms will be fixed up and opened up.
This next picture is one I have seen before in books. These chairs under the tall oak trees that were dated to be some 400 yrs old is where the president would sit and hold meetings. It was the most beautiful place to live. I told hubby that that is what I imagine paradise to be. To be cool, breezy, large oak trees, rivers and creeks where you relax and not worry about a thing.
This river passes in front of LBJ's house. It is low at this point but has a little more water in front of the house.
This building was the school house LBJ went to as a child.
An interesting thing is that they still have cattle on the property and they have the brand on its horns. See the LBJ?
We did make a little side trip to Enchanted Rock but we just drove by and didn't stop. The high light of today was the LBJ tour.


Brit said...

The cabin looks so pretty, the perfect retreat. We are going camping this weekend, and while I am freezing in a tent I will be imagining I am inside a beautiful warm cabin instead.

Just: Carolyn said...

Wow!! What a beautiful cabin! I love all the wood!! You know I would too, being a Woodworkers daughter ;-) I think I am gonna try and find a pattern for that lampstand in the boys bedroom, maybe get my kids to make me one like that! It's neat.

Gotta love getting away like this! And boy, what a neat trip you had going to that LBJ place! I love the table and chairs under the big oak trees idea too!

Looks like fun!
Love ya, Carolyn @};-