Monday, November 17, 2008

Remember This?

Remember I posted about this eating my lemon tree? Well remember I posted pictures of the chrysalis? Guess what happened today?
We had a butterfly come out today. Remember what it is? It's a Giant Swallowtail!
We put it outside but before we did my baby wanted to take a close look. Isn't it beautiful?

I just had to show you an update on the final outcome. We were totally surprised to see it out of it's slumber. I guess it's time for it to hurry and finish off it's life cycle.

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Just: Carolyn said...

Wowee! This is so exciting! So beautiful too! I bet this was one of those things your kids will NEVER forget!

I love the picture of A looking at it up close like that, so cool!

Love ya,
Carolyn @};-