Friday, November 14, 2008

A Texan Friend

Ok, you have one guess as to what we saw yesterday right outside my mom's door. I know you will guess this one right away.

My mom heard something outside and saw the cats surrounding something and yep, you guessed it, a rattlesnake. It was not a happy guy. It was ready and in a striking mood. My mom had already called animal control and they were on their way but being the person I am, hehehe, I got in my van and went to her house to take pictures.

Let me tell you that by the time the handler put it in a container there was venom all over it. It was amazing to see it strike. Just glad it was not close to me for the strikes.

Anyone want to move down here? Oh, come on! It's not so bad.

1 comment:

Missi said...

oh yes...I know that familiar face! I won't spoil the answer ;o) Glad your mom saw it and wasn't caught off guard! Hope you enjoyed the CO the week:)