Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Well Trained Mind part 1

I could say that we use TWTM and we do, sort of. I think a better statement would be that we follow it loosely. I think very few people could say they follow it to the letter. I do have my own copy of the book and look over it from time to time. I also have the book series of What your __ grader needs to know.

Are you wondering what we do exactly? Well, in Texas according to law I have to teach reading, spelling, grammar, math, and a course of good citizenship. That is all I have to do by law. As long as I have those subjects covered I'm fine.

I don't stick by the time set up in the book either because that would cause a revolt in my house. I'm sure it would in many houses too. I looked and read every entry on the subjects we will do and then I chose my own books. I also used the book 100 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum by Cathy Duffy. This gives an idea of different curriculums and books out there for each subject and which would be best for which type of student.

Here is our list for the two younger ones. Now keep in mind that my 11yr old has dyslexia.
I will start with the 11yr olds list first.
Reading: There is so much we do for this. We have used Pathway Readers. He is working on Busy Times. My Book of Bible Stories is very good too and we read that together just for reading. He has been read that book so many times but now he has to do most of the reading in it.
Spelling: We started All About Spelling this year and he loves doing this program.
Grammar: He is doing Growing with Grammar. This is a quick and easy program and not expensive.
Math: He is doing Rod and Staff 3rd grade. It has lots of repitition which he needs.
As for the course in good citizenship....we do that all the time with going to meetings and having our family study.
Now my 6yr old.
Reading: He is doing the Pathway Readers too, working on First Steps. Also, reading out of My Book of Bible Stories.
Spelling: All About Spelling He also loves this program. It's more of a game to him.
Grammar: Growing with Grammar This program may take a total of 15-20mins to do a day.
Math: Rod and Staff 2nd grade. He feels so grown up doing the same program that his brother did last year.
Now this is not the only things we do. We do science using Apologia Swimming Creatures. Both boys do this. We do history by doing the 4year cycle that TWTM has. So there is my WTM part. hehehe We also do nature study, art, writing and lots of PE to get those wigglies out.
This has turned into a long post and I am not finished. Well, maybe this will be part 1 and I'll work on part 2.

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