Monday, December 8, 2008

Dinner Time

Hubby likes to cook and tonight was nice. He made a cuban dish called....arroz con pollo and tostones. Arroz is spanish for rice and pollo is chicken. There is your spanish lesson for today. hehehe

So what is tostones? Well, have you seen those green plantain bananas in the grocery store. They are not the sweet yellow bananas. Ok, it's the green plantain ones. You cut them in slices, fry them, then mash them in what looks like one of those corn tortilla presses. Then you fry them once more till they are browned a bit. They end up being like a bread. I make this olive oil-garlic dressing thing in the cup. OOOOhhhhhh, so yummy. Have you ever seen Emeril and when he uses garlic and always adds more, well, I am Emeril. hehehe I add more and then a bit more garlic. Just don't get close to me for a few days after this dinner.

Oh, so good. Now I wonder what is in store for us tomorrow. Can't wait.


Brit said...

I have never heard of tostones! Sounds delish.

Just: Carolyn said...

Hey, these look awesome! I think that Arroz con pollo was one of the dishes Rolo at our place, right? I remember getting a spanish lesson or two! He made that, and that other one, "Drunken Chicken" I think it was! Great Cuban food!

I love garlic too! Looks real good!
Love, Carolyn