Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sick Days

What do you do for sick days? Inevitably, these days will creep up on us. We don't want them to. We don't need them. BUT.....they come.

We have started with our sick days. We hadn't been sick all year which is amazing seeing that everyone else around us has been getting one thing or another. ....can someone please pass the tissue.... Well, we have had this starting since Friday. Sniffling, sneezing, achy and tired feeling. Needless to say that we will be taking a light week of school. I can't read much because of my throat so I'll be putting on my ipod to listen to the magazine articles. Maybe, we will do this in bed. They love to get into my bed and listen to bible stories so we will have fun even though being sick is no fun.

Sorry, but no pictures this time. I don't think you want to see me with a tissue in one hand a blanket in the other, undone hair or makeup. UUUGGGGG!!!! Hope you all are doing ok.


Julie said...

Hey sick family! The Manzittos hope you all feel better soon. Boys, take good care of your Mom! Keep your feet warm:)
- julie

Julie said...
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Berta said...

The temper is a balmy 0 over here. So yes this time of to love it... Keep the kiddos warm, everyone once in a while schooling in the pj's is just right.