Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Watching the Birds

Today was a fun day. We went to art class. While the boys were at art I went to the grocery store. Then went to the library for the library book sale. I must say that the sale was very disappointing. Almost all the books were already sold and it is just Wednesday. Next time I am going on the first day.

We got home and I saw birds. So what does someone do when they see birds or at least what would I do? hehehehe Yes, I grabbed my binoculars and my camera and went outside to see what I could take pictures of. This first picture is the regular house sparrow. I see them all the time but sometimes I just get the right picture and today was the day.

I also got a picture of an American Kestrel. This is one cool bird. I love the colors on this bird. I looked in my ID book on this bird and I saw a funny thing. It said that they are usually found perching on telehone wires. I've always seen them on the wires and I was able to get a picture of one on a wire.

Then I saw this bird. I saw some yellow on the rump. I had no idea what it was but then figured it out. I had a *duh* moment when I figured out it's name. Ready? It's a Yellow-rumped Warbler. Wow, what a great name. I wonder who was the genius that named that bird?

So those are some pictures for our nature time today. Hope you enjoyed seeing what we see and maybe I'll encourage you to do the same cause I sure would like to see some bird pictures from your neck of the woods.

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