Monday, February 23, 2009

Fun School Day

Monday's are always hard days to do school. For some reason the 'kids just wanna have fun'. That reminds me of a song about just wanting to have fun. LOL Anyway, we started off slow today. The kiddos got to go outside for PE. They ran around, rode bikes and just enjoyed throwing sticks. I'm so glad our extra TVs broke down and died. I see more creativity now in finding things to do since there is no TV to entertain them.

Our weather has been getting more spring like. If you live down in the southern part of Texas then it's time to start preparing gardens and planting. Not trying to make you Canadians jealous at all. hehehe So our project this year is to seriously start a garden. I've been looking at a blog at My Nature Journal which she shows square foot gardening. So that is what we are starting this year. I hope ours come out ok. We have just started so we will see how it goes as time goes on.
After spending some time outside we came inside and worked on our math lessons. It took us around 30mins and that was with me running back and forth from one to the other and keep encouraging to finish. We did finish and there was no crying about not wanting to continue.
We also did my notebooking page on Sergei Prokofiev. It was an easy page and just a page to review what he had already learned.
Oh and sometimes it helps for my son to wear headphones to keep him focused and to work faster. They were happy to have done this page. It will go into our Art & Music Biographies binder.
Then it was back to playing outside. AAHHHHH nice productive day!

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School for Us said...

Sounds like a great way to spend a Monday!

And, I'm glad you left a comment on my blog. Somehow, I'd "misplaced" your blog - in other words, I've been reading all of my blogs through Google Reader and didn't have you on it. Sorry I've missed you!