Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Reading for Fun

We have started reading a new book. This was not a book by choice. Do you ever find that you must find something fun. Since starting to read this book I have discovered that many have already read it and think it was a great book. I am relieved to hear that others thought it was good.

We have just started with the first chapter and tomorrow we will continue. We need something just for fun besides all the other things we read.

So what are you all reading just for fun?


Jimmie said...

Yes, it's a good book. And we do the "just for fun" books too. Absolutely. Reading has so many purposes!

And welcome to the lapbooking blogring.

MasterpieceMom said...

O my goodness! i loved that book as a kid. i still have the copy i got in elementary school. i read it like 5 times when i was young.

for fun, we do our free reads from AO. right now it's pinocchio and stuart little and Pooh just started The Tale of Despereaux.

Julie said...

Thanks for reminding me about that book! A few years ago, Liv and I were discussing a movie "the secret of NIMH" and she was talking about how creepy it was. I could have sworn that I read the book and that it was NOT creepy but then forgot about it. Your book is the one I read and Loved. Here is what I found about the movie adaptation (Wikipedia) "In 1982, the animated film The Secret of NIMH was released. Directed by Don Bluth, it was not entirely faithful to the book; it adds a mystical element completely absent from the novel, "
So that clears that up:)
Can't wait to read the original again.

Anonymous said...

my kids are reading the bobbsey twins series. A friend gave us them, they are falling apart and my two older ones love them. I am trying to get more f them. My yooungest child is reading Little bear books, she loves them and he is so sweet. What is this Mrs frisby book about, would love to know.