Sunday, April 19, 2009

Colorado Snow

We are in Colorado and were hit with a big snow storm. Some places got over 2 feet of snow. This was heavy wet snow. Perfect for snow ball fighting and for kicking. The little one had fun kicking it. We went up to the mountains and saw so much snow. I took plenty of pictures to last for a while.

Of course we don't have clothes for this type of weather but we still had our fun in it. The last picture is of my post is the Colorado Amphitheater. It's a place they have concerts in the middle of red rocks. The benches were actually made of red rocks but are now being replaced because of time and deterioration. It is so cool.

That is just a little taste of our fun. Hope you enjoyed seeing it. I wonder what I will post about tomorrow????


Julie said...

i was wondering if you got caught in that! I've never gotten to go to Red Rocks but every major band i've loved has had a show there, such an amazing venue! I hope you have a safe trip home! Glad you had a taste of winter:)

Nicole said...

Wow...snow! What about your lovely plants?


Just: Carolyn said...

I LOVE THE PIC OF YOUR LITTLEST KICKING THE SNOW!!! Oh how cute that is...just like he was just passing the time...hehehehe so cute!