Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Nice Cool Corona

What kind of blog do you think this is? hehehe Were you expecting me to talk about a nice cold one. Well, it was a little cool today but not like that.

So what was it that I saw....scroll down......

A corona in the sky. It was a complete ring around the sun somewhere around noon. A little after noon maybe. We were driving home from our Sunday meeting and the boys said, "look mom, at the sun" now this was while driving. So I asked what they were looking at. As soon as I got home I got my camera out and took some pictures. I took a few pictures from the bottom half cause you can see the colors around the sun. It was almost like a rainbow around the sun.

A corona is the result of light bending by diffraction in the presence of small, spherical water droplets of ice crystals in high clouds. In its simplest form, the corona appears as a colored disk surrounding the sun or moon whose border is bluish, merging into yellowish white, with a brownish outer edge at the width of one or more moon (or sun) diameters.

We read up on what this was called and now we have one more thing we have learned and it's Sunday. The learning never ends.

For those that came by in hopes of learning more about a nice cool tall one....sorry to disappoint you. You still got a lesson about a corona though.


hsmomma said...

Aw shucks! hehehe

Thanks for the lesson.

Just: Carolyn said...

This is absolutely amazing...we get something like this up here in the winter time called sun-dogs. They are small rainbow like arcs that form around the sun when it is reallly cold. Just small ones though, not complete circles like this. Next winter I'll have to see if I can get a shot of it to share.

Awesome pics! Great Job!

Berta said...

Love your camera...excellent pictures

Nicole said...

Good trick! I had a feeling I knew where you were going :)


teachingmom08 said...

You Know you caused a big smile to creep across my face! lol! But as usual your camera skills delight me extremely. What a great lesson. Who knew the REAL meaning of Corona? A hidden message indeed (at least to me) *wink*wink*