Friday, April 3, 2009

Time Out or is it?

We have been busy this week and the week is almost over. I can't believe it. Here is what we have been up to.

Monday: We use this day for volunteer work for myself and the boys. It is also our day for groceries and getting things done in town before we get home late in the afternoon. We are always very tired but a happy tired.

Tuesday: We were going to make a trip to the zoo but changed it to Thursday because of rain. So we did school. We did our math and reading. We are also working on a few lapbooks.

Wednesday: I had a friend from out of town come over in the morning. We talked homeschool stuff while the kids played. We had lunch together and the boys went out to play and run around and just have a great physical ed. type of day. All we did that day was continue on our reading of Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH.

Thursday: Zoo Day!!!! Yippeeee!! We made a trip to the Houston Zoo. Well, we had to go an hour later because they were going to have some bad thunderstorms early in the morning in Houston. So instead of getting there at 9am when it opens we got there at 10am. Glad we missed all that yucky rain. It turned out to be the most beautiful, cool, breezy, low humidity type of day. It was like the best day to walk around. Well, except for the public school field trips that morning. Have you ever been trampled by a bunch of 6yr olds. Oh, my goodness! My boys just stayed by my side and kept asking me why they were acting like that and why did they all have to yell? Even the teachers and parents were yelling but that was, I imagine, because they had to so they could be heard. Oh and everything was don't touch this or don't do that or stay in line or where is your partner or let's keep up with the group. Anyway, enough of the complaining.

It turned out to be great after lunch because most of the kids left. It was much more quiet and peaceful. We read about different animals. My little one loved the day and would run ahead to see what was next. My middle son loved to listen to me read all the info on different animals that they had. There was a new baby giraffe. At 8 weeks that baby weighs 181 lbs. Wow!! It was soooo cute. They also had a new addition to the zoo. A Red Panda. Now I thought I would see a panda like I saw in the San Diego zoo. Wrong me. It was cute though.

Since it was a windy day we heard the bamboo. Yes, I said heard. They would bang against each other and you could hear a hollow sound. It was so neat to hear that. Reminds me of those bamboo wind chimes that cost way too much money for being bamboo.

After the zoo we went to the Health Museum. It was free admission after 2pm. So we got there at 3 and had fun there too. We saw lungs, the heart, this big boy that if you go around him you see his teeth and on the floor is the tongue with spots for the taste buds. You are actually in his mouth. It's a neat museum and can't beat free!

Finished up the day with dinner at Olive Garden. I love their peach tea. Yum! Oh and we did make a trip to Barnes and Noble but I came out with not one book. *shock, disbelief* We got home at 9:30pm. I am tired and need to finish up here so we can do school tomorrow.

Friday: We will start up our second part of the zoo lapbook now that we did our trip to the zoo.

So no time out for us. All this is learning time.


MasterpieceMom said...

Sounds like a fun week! My boys love Olive Garden. We also went to B&N this week and left without a book. did get a chai though. ;D

School for Us said...

We went to the zoo yesterday, but only got a brief glance at the panda because it was crowded (for member's only evening). We did see 2 baby monkeys that were really cute! And, we discovered a bird area we'd never seen before - or at least not in years. :-)

hsmomma said...

What?! No picture of the baby giraffe? hehehe Sounds like lots of learning fun.