Monday, May 4, 2009

Ending to our Nature Lesson

Last year at the end of October and beginning of November we found some caterpillars eating our lemon tree leaves. So like any good homeschool mom would do I brought them inside for us to observe. Our lemon tree grew bare as we tried to feed their voracious appetite.

What happened was that they started their metamorphosis. We had two and one went from caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly in less than a month and left the nest. The other decided to wait out the Texas winter. We were just talking about it last night since I have his little hotel next to my desk and the kids and I were thinking it was not going to come out.

Well, we were wrong. This morning my middle son came and saw it in its little hotel with its wing all spread out.

We still can't believe how something all squirmy becomes a chrysalis that looks like a piece of a branch then becomes something so beautiful. We are so grateful to our creator for such a beautiful creature to look at.

I posted about it in November where I have more pictures. We'll be talking about this all day. We were all excited to finally have our baby grow it's wings but sort of sad to see him go. Our nature books are coming out today and we are adding a drawing of today's butterfly to it. My little one wanted me to take a picture of the underside of the butterfly which "the colors are better" as he said.


teachingmom08 said...

This is a great post Martha! I don't blame your little one for wanting to take a picture of the underside..the colors really are beautiful! Thank you for sharing it.

Julie said...

beautiful!! A good lesson on "good things come to those who wait"

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing with the upcoming CM carnival!! :)


School for Us said...

Oh, how special! And, it is a beautiful butterfly.

{ jamie @ rose cottage } said...

Lovely. We've been "hatching" butterflies around here lately, too. In fact, at the moment, my daughter is mesmorized watching ours. But we didn't find them; we bought them at :-)