Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Baby Milestone

My baby with his first missing tooth. Ok, so the adult tooth had already come in behind the baby one but this morning he got up and pulled that baby tooth out. He was so excited like this one missing tooth made him into a big boy now. How fun to be able to share in his excitement.


Julie said...

Aww! He's going to look like a different kid with grown up teeth:) Glad you like the card, Sophie and I got the giggles every time we opened it he he he.

hsmomma said...

oh. I just love baby teeth. hehehe I have my babies' teeth in a jewelry box.

Just: Carolyn said...

HEY...this is awesome! Way to go A!! That definitely puts you in the Big Boy category!

Someone does not have a baby anymore...hehehe ;-) It's ok, I'll be bawling when my baby loses his first tooth!

Love the pic.
Carolyn @};-

bayoujac said...

My baby is almost 6, and not even a wiggler in sight!
My 7 year old has lost 5, and a wiggler. The baby is quite upset, because she wants a loose tooth badly!
I'm not ready for her to not be a baby anymore! BooHoo!
Congrats on your little big man!