Friday, June 12, 2009

Learning through IPod

So are you wondering how this can be done? What can you learn from an ipod? I'm behind the times on some things like texting. Nope, don't do it. Maybe one day I will jump into that world but for now I am happy without it.

Hubby got me one for our anniversary. Boy, have I used it and continue to us it and it is for school. What a great excuse, right? So what do I have on it for school? Well, I have some games but not just mindless games but math games, sign language games, one called Art Gallery, audio books like Treasure Island, matching games where you have to remember where an object is and match it to another one. There is one called iZoo which shows you animals and their sounds. Now my two favorite ones are iBird Pro and Love Art. iBird has lots of birds their description and the sound they make. It is a wonderful program. Then Love Art has art by daVinci, van Gogh, Botticelli, van Rijn, van Eyck, Renoir and others. It also has wonderful descriptions and a little insight into art. Of course, the boys also like the calculator and guessing at their answer and seeing that they are right. I also have the whole Bible loaded on there along with other books and magazines that we listen to a little everyday after dinner.

Technology is wonderful and can be fun for learning especially when we are sitting waiting for a doctor or dentist appointment. It's not all sitting at the table with our books. It's not all boring because sometimes these advances make it fun. Now what else can I get that is cool but educational? Has to be educational. LOL

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prayingmother said...

That's cool. I have an iPod Touch and I got iBird too. I love it. My kids love it. It's so much lighter weight than my bird book, although, I still carry my bird book with me too!

I have a wishlist for the iPhone/iPod Touch. Here it is: a homeschool recording program.