Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Learning to Live With Life

I haven't posted much lately and I don't post much about myself much either. Having said that life has finally got to me. Some of you already know but for those that don't I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I've had this for a long time but I had not been able to get anyone to diagnose me. Now that I have been diagnosed I am on some interesting medication that is supposed to help. Well, good thing we are at the end of our school year. Seems like it will take a while to figure out what medication will work for me. At the moment I take 6 pills on Wed. and by Thurs. I am sleeping most of the day. I don't come out of my medication induced sleep till the following week which is almost time for my next date with those little pills again.

Hubby does most of the driving and I do most of the sleeping. I love looking out the windows and seeing the sights but now with these new meds I seem to be very tired most of the time.

We will be adjusting our schedule as I adjust mine. I will be going for regular blood work because of these meds. I also have some more tests to do on my knee which I fell on while vacationing in Colorado and it is still giving me trouble. No broken bones but the doctor thinks I might have torn something. LOVELY!!!

So if I don't post much for a while you will know why. It's not that I don't want to do school but rather that I can't because I'm probably sleeping. hehehe Not a good thing but it's what I have to do for now.


Just: Carolyn said...

We are here for ya Sis! Hoping that you find a balance with your meds...it can take time...but just remember...you are the YOUNGEST you will ever be RIGHT NOW! You will have these aches and pains for now...but I know you are looking forward to the time when this will be a thing of the past, and we can live forever on earth without getting sick at all!

For now, don't be too hard on yourself for sleeping...maybe its your body's way of telling you you've needed more sleep for years! hahahahamememehehehe Do what you have to do, and your boys will come along for the ride. They are still learning even if you aren't always there "teaching" them...you have good learners! Don't worry too much.

HUGS for the Hug-o-meter!
Your Sis, Carolyn

School for Us said...

My prayers are with you! My sister has rheumatoid arthritis, too, and I know it can be hard. I agree with Carolyn, the kids are learning even if you aren't "teaching!" Just do what you need to do and you are blessed to have a hubby taking such good care of you! :-)


live4evermom said...

Thanks Carolyn and Dana. Tonight is meds night so we will see what I can do tomorrow.

Missi said...

More hugs for your Hug-o-meter from me to you... =)

hicksgirl93 said...

You are always in my thoughts Miss Martha.