Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Living Math and Loving It

We gave it a try. I always go to Jimmie and her blog here and here when I want an idea of something I want to accomplish. She has a ton of info out there for homeschool. She has a ton of pages on squidoo also. Just in those pages and blogs I can find lots of what I need. There are a few other homeschool moms out there that inspire me. Sometimes, I just need inspiration.

The idea for this math lesson came about as I was IMing with a friend last night. She is doing fractions with a chocolate bar and I've been wanting to find a fun way to teach that. We have stopped at fractions in math for now. We have been doing Rod and Staff math for a few years now and I love it. My middle son finds it too tedious. The baby loves it and loves to see the progress.

Now that I gave all the credit where credit was due for today's math lesson I have to tell you that our lesson although a bit short today was soooo yummy and fun. No we didn't do the chocolate bar. I got up early today which is a nice change since like I said in my last post the medication I am on starts wearing off by Monday night. So, I got up early and went to the donut shop. Yep, we used donuts for our math lesson today. Oh and it was soooooo yummy. My baby picked up fractions very quickly but still needs some more instruction. I guess I will have to get something else to eat. hehehe As you can tell in the picture they sure did enjoy our math lesson today.

I cut that donut into 4 pieces. As they ate each piece I asked how much they ate and how much was left. This lesson didn't last too long though. It was gone and done with too quickly. At first they were not too happy that this was a lesson but when they learned this would take place of their math book today they were delighted.

Now that we started on fractions I saw this book suggestion on Jimmies blog called Family Math and we will do the Making a Fraction Kit on page 120. I got this book at the library but will be ordering it soon to add to our library here at home.

We'll be having more fun soon.


School for Us said...

Sounds like a yummy way to learn math! :-)

No, I'm not going to the SETHSA conference this year. I did go last year, but usually go to the "other" conference in August in The Woodlands.

HAVE FUN!!! I would have loved to have met you this weekend!

Richele said...

We love eating our manipulatives!

Anonymous said...

We love to eat our math too. We did some today, in fact. It's a great way to reinforce numbers and make them real. Kudos!

home4skool said...

We use food sharing to teach multiplication and division too :)

Rebecca said...

Sounds yummy! Also, sounds like a great idea for tomorrow! Thanks!

Pauline said...

What a great idea! And I love "eating" lessons.... jelly crystal letters are my children's favourite at present... I will have to try the donut thing next! Great job!

hsmomma said...


Just: Carolyn said...

Yum is right! Will have to check that book out. Looks good. ;-)
Carolyn @};-

{ jamie's cottage } said...

I want to do more living math around here as well. Thanks for your post. :-)