Monday, August 10, 2009

10 Things I Wish I Knew When....

....I first started homeschooling.....

1. Just read. Read anything and everything you can. It can be a bit overwhelming but after reading you will have time to think, ponder and let it slowly sink in.

2. Books that are must reads...The Well Trained Mind, 100 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculums and the series of What you __ needs to know.

3. You don't have to school like public school. You don't have to school all day. Your children will learn from going to the zoo, to the museum and on nature walks which can be in the back yard.

4. Having others my childrens ages to hang out with is nice but not necessary on a constant basis. As long as I fill the day with fun and interesting things to do for school like reading, crafts and games to play together they will be ok. One important thing is that they can hang out with older ones too not just kids their ages.

5. Boxed curriculums...they are good for one purpose....the first year but after that we never used them again. I hate to buy a full curriculum and not using everything because it just seems a waste of time and money.

6. It's ok to take time off when public school kids are in school. That's the best time to go and avoid the crowds.

7. You don't have to defend your position to homeschool to every Dick and Jane that asks. Learn to give short answers to those that just want to debate and for those that want to really learn you can sit and talk to.

8. You can school in your pajamas or do reading in bed. It's fun and wonderful especially when the littles are not so little anymore and don't give hugs freely anymore because they think they are too big for that sort of thing. *sigh* Tickle sessions are a must too.

9. Not every child is the same or learns in the same way or uses to same books. So you might have to buy different things for each child. This brings me to number 10.

10. When you homeschool there is something that happens to the homeschool mom. She goes silly in the head and wants to buy books and more books.


hsmomma said...

Hey, watch it there with #5. hehehehe

bayoujac said...

This is so great! I think I agree with all on your list. As a matter of fact, I sent this list to another sister who's homeschooling.
She's on year 2.

I think a #11 - it's okay to get tons of books from the library. I have had to cut back on my book purchases, so I borrow! My library is awesome,and at times, when donations come in, they pull some that they think would be of interest to me, and they'll give them to me!

Anyway - great list! Thanks for sharing.

School for Us said...

Great list!!!

alecat said...

What an encouraging post for those starting out as homeschoolers.
I'm with you on #10 .. can't get enough books!
Actually, our librarian is very generous to us homeschoolers. EG: last night she gave me 2 huge boxes of unwanted Non-fiction books .. wow! It's worth making yourselves known at your library!!