Friday, August 21, 2009

Geography Plans

I started the year off slow. I had to. Pain and health keeps me from doing much. The month of August we are just doing math and language arts. I'm keeping it slow and simple. Language arts consists of spelling, grammar, reading and writing.

So what about everything else? Well, I have worked up some plans for geography. I found a great book. It's Galloping the Globe. This book is actually a unit study of world geography. It includes first of all geography and also history, science, literature, vocabulary, maps and flags, recipes, puzzles, games crafts and bible. It also has reproducibles for the flags and for the different countries. I love it because it has it all.

We are going to do from this book, geography, history and science. It has wonderful references and ideas of which books to look for at the library. I wrote out my weekly plans of course because I am like that. I like to see a page and know what I am doing that week. It is easy too because as we study China we will learn about Marco Polo and the Great Wall of China for history and for science we will learn about ducks and pandas. To end the week of study we will cook up some Chinese food. The following week we move on to South Korea then Japan. We will spend one week learning things about a different country and end the week with food. There is nothing better than ending a week with food.

Monday we will go to the library and gather up books. Then we will start the following week. Each Monday we will be at the library to gather our books for the following week. Sounds like fun to me. 
These are only 2 pages of 6 for these plans.  I have added more than we might be able to do but I like to be able to pick and choose.  Can't wait to get started.  Whatcha think?  

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School for Us said...

We did GTG several years ago and it still is my favorite curriculum EVER. :-) On my blog,you can look at the sidebar to see what we did, though this was when my daughter was pretty young.

Have fun!