Saturday, August 22, 2009

Yellow Birdie

Update:  Baltimore Oriole it is!  This bird is a migratory bird in our area of South Texas.  I've never, ever, ever seen this bird in person.  It's been at the hummingbird feeders for a few days already.  It's long beak is perfect for getting in those little holes of the feeders.  I need to put out some more seed.  Thanks for all your comments.  I finally had time to check on this and here is a post about it.

My little one called me and said that there was a yellow birdie on the hummingbird feeder.  He was excited and when I saw it I was too.  

This bird was actually eating out of the hummingbird feeder.  The hummingbirds did not like it at all.      

I'm trying to put a name to this guy but I haven't even had time to sit much less pull out our books.  I'll be out most of the day tomorrow and will not be home to check on this till night time so if anyone can help me out and name him for me.   It would be most appreciated.  *wink*  


Melissal89 said...

I "think" it's a Batltimore Oriole. It's at least some type of Oriole.

Depending on where you live it could be another type of Oriole like the Bullock's or Scott's Oriole.

Great photo!


School for Us said...

I was thinking of an oriole, too.:-)

alecat said...

So pretty! :)
I really like your photography too. Great job!
Our feeder is near a window, but the curtains get in the way of a clear photo (something I didn't think about beforehand). Oh well, at least we DO get to see some birds.