Saturday, August 8, 2009

Homeschool Convention

This weekend was a fun weekend for me. We (hubby and I) decided to go to a homeschool convention at The Woodlands which is in the Houston, Tx area. Did I like it? Not really. I didn't find any workshops that were interesting. The vendors were ok too. The Arlington convention was a lot better in my opinion. I didn't even buy anything. Wow, now that is amazing.

What I did like was spending the weekend just hubby and I and going out where ever we wanted to, eat what we wanted to and watch what we wanted to on the tv in the hotel room.

One thing I do recommend anyone coming to Houston, Tx is to go to The Homeschool Store. That is my favorite store. They have an awesome used book room in the back. I take all my homeschool friends there. I did buy from there. I always do. I got a few CM books that I wanted to read. I'll start on that soon.

That is what I've been up to this weekend. Stay tuned for what we will be doing for school starting next week. Yes a revision already.


Appliejuice said...

I have really enjoyed going to our homeschool convention with my husband and no kids. It makes it a special weekend. I also didn't attend any workshops. I did buy what was on my list of things I needed for this year. :) My husband was also able to help me find things that are good for education, but we use them for entertainment.

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Oh man, I can drop a lot of money at the homeschool store!

You were at the THSC Convention too? I thought the speaker lineup and topics looked good but was a bit convention'd out by that point (with the conference that same week). I did enjoy meeting with some friends and a quick run through the vendor hall (which had surprisingly few vendors). I'll have to give the Arlington one a try next year!

Where in Texas do you live?

hicksgirl93 said...

Glad you had some "grown up" time with hubby.