Sunday, August 9, 2009

To CM or Not to CM, that is the question!

Jimmie over on her blog talked about some things that she does not agree with CM. Finally, someone spoke out about some of those things she does not do or does not agree on. I've always wondered about some who say they follow CM and wondered if they do it all as CM wrote.

I am not one to follow any person or any one idea. I like this and that. I've done lapbooking, notebooking and curriculums galore. I'm all for what your child learns with then
go with it.

I've always wanted to participate in the CM carnival and started to but I find it all way to CMie for me. Does that make sense? I've been following some blogs and I can tell when they are doing a post just for CM even though their schooling is always in a CM style. I love to read how others school and appreciate the ideas from others. I guess I'm the type that likes to learn from others by example and not by seeing quotes of what Charlotte Mason wrote.

My blog is a collection of what we do and I take ideas, crafts or curriculum re
views from other bloggers who share and I hope some find something to take from our school blog. I like classical in some things. CM is good on other things. Unit Studies serve a purpose too in our house. So does that make us eclectic?


School for Us said...

I enjoyed Jimmie's post, too - and yours. I tend to follow CM, Classical, and Unit Studies... and whatever else I find that I think looks interesting and would work for us! So, I'd call myself fairly ecclectic, too. :-)

Appliejuice said...

"CMie" LOL That's funny.

I don't call myself anything but a homeschooler, because I have no idea what we are. And I don't care. I am like you, I like this and I like that, and I hate that other thing. lol It's all about what works for us. :)

Great post.

I do consider myself a DonnaYoung groupie, but that is just forms. :D

bayoujac said...

I'd say you're Eclectic.
But, like Appliejuice, calling oneself anything is just labels, and I'm not a big fan of labels.

I really like the CM approach to nature study, music study, and picture/art study.
I like the idea of short lessons.
I think that may just be it!

You and I are a lot alike ;-)

hicksgirl93 said...

Great post. I dont put myself in a box with homeschool. I like what I like when I like it. I try different methods and use whatever is working for us at the time. I dont know what to call us! lol!