Sunday, September 13, 2009

Nature Study-Not my cup of tea this week

We took a trip to the local Dollar Tree to look for some cool school things a friend told me she bought.  Well, the cool things were not there but we came upon something else.  Let me tell you though that this was and continues to be the grossest thing ever.  Talk about creepy too.  It's a strip mall with different stores and every year around this time we have a plague of these black disgusting crickets.  NASTY!!  I would venture to say that there are millions upon millions of these nasty things.  Why do I says nasty?  Well, because when you have that many and they are dead due to people walking or cars driving by or the store employees kill them and leave them to rot.....makes you want to, as my kids say, barf.  

I don't like to go to the stores around this time of the year especially wearing a dress or skirt.  Yes, it's happened to me before.  Can you imagine a crazy lady running down the parking lot screaming and brushing the dress to get the thing out.  OOOHHHHH sends shivers up my back or should I say up my skirt?  

These are a few things we have learned for nature study this week. 
1.  One cricket is ok but millions of dead, decaying, disgusting crickets is not ok.     
2.  Don't go to the store when there is a plague.  
3.  Don't wear a skirt during this time of the year.  

Questions we asked ourselves...
1.  Why don't they clean the mess up?
2.  Bleach is not expensive, why don't the stores us it?
3.  ...again...Why don't they clean that stinky mess up? 

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School for Us said...

Oh, my... that is really gross. And strange!!! I wonder why this happens every year??? It'd be something interesting to research.

And, I can just imagine wearing a skirt there...yikes!

bayoujac said...

Ok, after I stopped squirming, I started chuckling. I can so see you running across the parking lot!

We get "Love Bugs" this time of year. Myriads of them, just like your cricket infestation.

You wonder why they wouldn't clean it up, huh? Eh - no natural affection maybe...
I think research on why they appear annually would be a neat research project, too.

hicksgirl93 said...

I think it is great that I finally found something about nature that grosses YOU out! lol! normally you always find bugs and things so interesting. I guess underneath it all, your still just a girl ;) hehehehe. Great post, and yeah, I dont think you will catch me in Texas during the month of September wearing a skirt!