Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Texas is a Country, really!

We went to the zoo on Monday.  It was a nice fun day.  We joked around and laughed all day.  We had a nice time at the zoo.  It's not a very big zoo.  We went through it in an hour.  Like I said, it's not that big.  My youngest got to feed the goats.  

We did see some ducks. 


We saw big teeth grinning at us.  


Then my son saw something that made us laugh again.  Click on the picture and take a look at the zoo.  Look at all the countries mentioned.  Now who says that Texas is not a country? 


Missi said...

we have the same map config at our zoo...gotta love Texas...we have Asia, Africa, Australia,

Kris said...

That's too funny! Thanks for submitting this to the Hands On Homeschool blog carnival.

School for Us said...

I'm guessing that is here locally, and I never noticed it before! :-)