Saturday, September 26, 2009

Two Months in Review

I wanted to do the week in review but these past months it has gotten so crazy.  So here is my attempt at getting back on track.  We started our school year off slow.  The first month we worked on language arts and math.  Just the basics.  Middle son who has dyslexia is reading so much better and my baby is reading so wonderfully also.  I'm glad we spent a month just with basics.  We have accomplished working on spelling and reading mostly.  I never thought middle son would get into reading chapter books but he is now.  We still listen to lots of things on audio which is wonderful especially while we are driving.  I would love to be able to read books in the van but I'm not the one that can do that because I always get car sick.  So audio is the way to go.  For spelling we have been working on All About Spelling.  I think I need to pick up the pace on that but it is so much fun that we take our time and have fun.  

Now this month we have added geography, science, history and nature studies.  For geography we are using Galloping the Globe which is a unit study and we are adding science and history through that.  We learn about a country for geography, for science we learn about different animals in that country and for history we learn about people or events that happened in the country.  

We have always done nature studies.  We have learned to identify our local birds and flowers.  This summer has been extremely hot and we have no where to go to escape from it except indoors.  We have no mountains to go to that would be cooler.  Texas is pretty flat for the most part.  South Texas is also very humid so lots of our nature study this past month has been our hummingbirds right outside our window.  We have had scorpions and snakes that decided it was to hot and dry outside and ventured indoors and were quickly captured and studied.  We will be adding art and just doing some fun art projects starting in October using some books we have in our home library.  

Here are some of the things we have used these past two months.  We are still enjoying some of them.  

Stay tuned for more on that....

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