Monday, September 28, 2009

School Break

We are taking a little break.  Boys had to get to lesson 30 and then a break.  So guess what?  They are happy to get to lesson 30.  So am I.  Middle son is doing Teaching Textbook and my baby is using Rod and Staff.  They are both on lesson 30.  Yippeeee!  They did it.

We have lots to do before vacation.  I'm finishing up with laundry then packing.  I have the cooler ready for ice.  Van needs to get the recall part put on and an oil change.  Clean and vacuum the van.  Gas and pack up the van. 

Deadline: Wednesday 1pm.   

Let's see, where shall we go?  East or West?  North?  Can't go much more South than we are without leaving the country. So 3 options. 

Excitement is building.......