Friday, October 2, 2009

First Post on Vacation

So have any of you wondered where I am?  Here are some pictures to show you what we have done so far.  Some things I was not able to take pictures of because we were going 70mph on the highway and by the time I saw things we zoomed by.  So here is what we have done so far. 

We have done the Smoky Mountains and went to the top of one area for pictures.  That was a hard climb for me.  One of the boys stayed with me while the other two climbed to the top with hubby.  Then there was the drive further up the states.  My boys laughed at this sign even though it's blurry you can tell what it says.  They wondered if there were airplanes with missles aiming at you.  hehehe  

Then we drove to DC.  Yep that is where we are now.  But not for long.  We will be hitting the road for some further excitement.  Stay tuned for more.......  

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School for Us said...

Oh, wow! What a great trip. Enjoy, and keep posting those vacation photos. :-)