Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Vacation...Our Reads

We will be leaving Wednesday at 1pm.  That is the plan anyway.  I started preparing by downloading some audio books, magazines and music.  What the problem is now is that I have more than enough for our trip.  We have a 16hr drive on the first day and although we could listen to a lot we do require quiet times just to keep our sanity.  

We have downloaded and added to my ipod the following books...
Time Machine
Gulliver's Travels
Mr. Popper's Penguins
Learn From the Great Teacher
My Book of Bible Stories
several magazines and songs

We have movies but I prefer audio books because you can still look out the windows and see the views of places we are going by.  

Anyone have any other ideas for books?       

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School for Us said...

We borrow CDs from the library. Lately, we've been listening to Chasing Vermeer,and now the follow up about Frank Lloyd Wright.

What site did you download these stories from? I've never done that.

And, have a wonderful trip!