Wednesday, October 14, 2009

More Vacation

Well we had a blast and now we are home.  It seems like the last two weeks flew by.  This vacation was a big one because as I have already shared we went to different places on the Eastern side of the states. We did D.C. and saw a few museums and walked a lot.  I have no idea how I did all that walking but I did it.  Of course, I was dead at the end of the day but I did it.  In DC I got to see Julia Childs kitchen, it was at one of the museums.  The boys and I also saw a tree we have never seen before.  We commented how it looked like it was peeling from sunburn.  

I also mentioned that we were in Brooklyn and took some tours.  Well a friend that lives there took us to the top of her building.  It was late at night and I was able to take a nice night time picture of the city.  It looks so beautiful at night.     

Then after a few other tours we went on up further north.  All the way to see Niagara Falls.  I think I took at least 100 pictures there alone.  It was so awesome.  The thunder of the water crashing on the rocks below.  Now I am only showing one picture but there were so many that I had to choose just one.  It was an incredible day.

I promised my Canadian friend that I would go to Tim Hortons and have that breakfast sandwich.  So I did.  I'm very obedient. hehe  It was good.  I miss Tim Hortons living down here in Texas.  

After that we started our journey down, down, down south.  We stopped in Alabama and then West Virgina after all we had to sleep to continue our journey home.  Before we got home though, we stopped at a friends home in Louisiana.  We spent two nights there.  The kids had an awesome time and us two moms went on a little trip to Borders.  Yippeeee!  What homeschool mom doesn't like to go there? hehehe  On our way home hubby slowed down so that I could take this picture of the morning.  Can you see the spider webs?  It was rainy, misty and there were lots of webs on the fields and fences.  

We left Texas for the beginning of our trip with temperatures in the 90's and it dropped to the 40's at Niagara Falls then started our way home and we were in the 80's in Louisiana and now that we are home it's in the mid to upper 80's.  That is just not fair!  Oh and we came home to tall grass since it has been raining the whole time we were gone and with rain comes mosquitoes.  Big ones!  Huge ones!  We need some good cold air to get rid of them.  Maybe if my Canadian friends start blowing that cold air down here, please!

That about sums up our trip.  It was a blast and this is something the boys will remember for a long time.  I loved seeing the excitement when they learned something new.  I am tired now but so glad we did this trip.   


Donna said...

It looks like you had a fantastic vacation - Seeing so many different places!
Now you have to rest up from the vacation : )

School for Us said...

That does sound like a WONDERFUL vacation! So many wonderful sights...I agree that you'll probably need to rest up now! :-)

bayoujac said...

AWESOME! You're an inspiration! Thanks for sharing your trip!

Just: CH said...

Isn't the bacon n egg breakfast sandwich THE BEST! Gotta love the yummy biscuits! Your such a great friend for "sacrificing" yourself to have one for me ;-) hehehe