Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Chef-a-nator Working on Fractions

We have been busy this week with one sick boy.  He tested positive for that dreaded flu so school has been a little slow but I found a fun way for the little one to do fractions today.  

Here is my little Chef-a-nator as he named himself today.  I bought some wonderful smelling apples yesterday and suggested making an apple pie today and my baby was up for the task.  He dressed the part with his chef hat that a friend bought him.  

Here he is mixing. 

Here he is adding the yummyness to the apples.  We put it all in a pie plate and stuck it in the oven.  I set the timer and my little one would keep coming to check on it.  He jumped up and down when the timer went off. 

This was a good way to learn about math today.  We measured.  Talked about different size cups and teaspoons.  Today we had this extra math lesson on fractions and it is a yummy lesson.  

Off to go do a taste test...... 

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