Saturday, October 24, 2009

Week In Review

Our first week after vacation was very slow.  One sick boy with lots of attention needed was what slowed our week.  Middle son slept in a lot but still did a few math lessons.  He thought he was getting off with no school at all.  HA!

The little one did his regular math lessons but also had a great math lesson on fractions helping me make an apple pie.  He enjoyed that and looks forward to the next yummy lesson.  

Our days were mostly filled with disinfecting and giving meds this week.  Math was done but that is about all.  Well except for a little nature and PE time for the little one. 

We saw a butterfly and what looks like an huge red ant with wings.  It was walking very fast and was carrying what looked like dinner underneath it.  That will take some investigating to see what that is.  Any ideas?  The butterfly is called the Gulf Fritillary.  We hadn't seen one around here in a while so we stayed looking at it for a while then identified it.  

Now these flying guys we always see.  My little once can identify them now by the wings and the red head.  A turkey vulture.  Those are some ugly birds.  

We are hoping that next week will be a better week as far as school goes.  We have planned a few nature lessons that we started on before the flu set in and we need to finish those up now.  

That is our week in review for this week.  Doesn't sound like much but if you would have seen how much cleaning and disinfecting went on you would know why. 

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