Friday, April 15, 2011

Bird Day

We were out in the ministry and had to stop to take pictures.  These birds were making their homes under an overpass.  They are Cliff Swallows.  I just love their colors.  If you look at both pictures you can see some with nests all done and some that are working on theirs.  It was amazing to see them fly all around.  Yes, I made hubby stop on the side of the road and we watched for a bit.  It's a country road so there was not much traffic. 
We also saw a Blue Jay.  I love the colors on him.  They are so beautiful.  I still remember seeing a Steller's Jay on a trip a long time ago to California and I also got to see a Mexican Jay on last years vacation.  My iBird PRO app on my ipod says that a Mexican Jays range is mostly in Mexico but I saw him in Texas.  
That was our nature observation for this week.  I am wanting to go back and take more pictures of those Cliff Swallows.  They are beautiful. 

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Mama Teaching 3 said...

I so love sweet birdies! :) I love the moments you captured.