Thursday, June 30, 2011

Yes, you make me feel like dancing....

What has me in such a mood?  Well, life at the moment does.  As I look back on our school year I see that we have done a lot even though I thought it was not much.  We have kept up with our nature studies.  We are always on the lookout for a new bird, plant, animal anything nature.  We had some fun nights using the Crayola glow in the dark chalk.  
Even though some are camera shy we have fun in our venture of helping those that are deaf. 
 It was a cold day and we are still out helping the deaf. This was a cold, windy day and yes, I have two glasses on my head.  One for the sun and one to read.  No fun getting old.  Oh well....
We are learning a new language as a family.  American Sign Language is a beautiful language and it's right up my alley.  Didn't you know I like to act up?  ASL is perfect for acting and performing.   
We also had  "farm boy" out with us one day and I happened to find a wheat field.  So "farm boy" gets out to show my middle son the wheat.  Son and "farm boy" got some left over wheat from the side of the road and got the seeds out.  

So yes I feel like dancing at all we have learned this past year.  There is so much more I haven't posted but this is a sneak peak at some of our fun.  

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