Friday, December 16, 2011

In need of Nature

We have been away for a long time.  Yes, I know, a very long time.  We are still here but using our time wisely and trying to do as much as we can as often as we can.  So this week after going into town everyday and Thursday being our day to stay at home I promised the two youngest that we could go to the park to feed the ducks.  The oldest stayed home to do his online college course.  It was Dec. 15th and yes the boys are wearing short sleeve shirts and only wearing pants because I told them to just in case the ducks got a little to close. You just never know. 
 The ducks came around and ate.  We noticed at our duck pond for some reason there is a huge gathering of black vultures.  Nasty birds! I mean they serve a purpose and it's to eat roadkill but just the thought of them being at the duck pond where young ones always go was not a good thing. 
So as we were leaving the duck pond I took this next picture.  Isn't it a beautiful gazebo?  Oh and the trees were all changing colors. It's about time with it being the middle of December.
 Then we drove to another spot to do something that in our area lots of older people do and that is to pick pecans.  Our park has tons of pecan trees and usually you see the older ones picking up the pecans but that day we went.  The little one loved it. 
 I guess you can say it was a combination of nature study and PE time.  When we were ready to get going to another spot they would take off the the van.  I loved this picture. 
 Now the little one wants to know when I'm making that pecan pie I kept talking about. Guess I better get to cracking those pecans open.  I foresee a baking lesson coming.  My little chef loves to bake.  Although he wants to go pick more pecans so we'll see.  Maybe next time I'll take pictures of the trees.  It was amazing to see the colors changing.  Nothing like that in town but only at the park.   

So there you have it.  We are still alive and doing school but in a more relaxed way. 


Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

So do you say "pe-can" or "pe-con"?

I love pecans but not really in a pie. I like them straight out of the bag, in my oatmeal, or with a little sugar glaze and broken up in my salad....yum.

Looks like you really had a lot of vultures there to avoid as you fed the ducks. Creepy.

Enjoyed seeing your images and hearing about your day.

live4evermom said...

I say pahh-con. I like them straight out of the bag too but developed a taste for pie after I made one with a ton more pecans than you see in those "fake" pecan pies you buy at the stores.

Glad those vultures didn't like people cause these people didn't like them.