Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fun Project

After our regular school work my baby got a fun project to do.  I had gotten this a long time ago but had it away for the right time.  Actually, I will not lie...I forgot about it.  Yesterday I started cleaning out and throwing away and there it was.  Now my son has something fun to do.   
 It came with sandpaper to sand the edges and make them smooth. 
There he is with one piece of the project in his Mario pj's.  This is his new desk and his area for school.  That is actually an old desk but it's new to him. 
 Here is the project.  It is supposed to be a car.  How cool is that.  I found it at the dollar store.  He is enjoying it so I think I will need to find him more of these sorts of projects. 


Mama Teaching 3 said...

My boys LOVE to put things like that together. :) Remy is begging me for a real car kit...you know the ones that will take forever with tons of itty bitty pieces? YIKES!

I love the pajamas, he would fit in with my big boys.

Just: CH said...

Very cool project for boys! I will not show Jesse as he was showing me something like to buy him at the store the other day, and I didn't. :(

Good job on reusing an old desk for Aaron, new to him is always nice!

School n jammies is always nice too. :)

live4evermom said...

CH, our days at home are limited so pj's are a must. It's very relaxing that way, don't you think? ;)