Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Nature Winter Challenge 1

We finished our first Winter Challenge.  Although I wouldn't call our weather winter but that is besides the point.  My little one and myself went for a walk outside the house.  We live in the country and on a dead end road so we don't have much traffic.  It's very relaxing to just go for a walk.  We did our Winter Wonder page first.  We talked a little and then told him to be very quiet and listen and had him tell me what he heard. 
It's cute to see what he wants to do.  The first is a stick house.  All three of his things to do this winter are perfect boy things to do and we have enough land for him to have hid outs. 

He also did the Winter Weather Walk page.  I love his drawing.  He said it was a house with wind and snow.  My boys love snow and we don't get much or any at all.  This year we will not see any. 
The last page was cute too.  He had a fit though because he couldn't draw the leaf we found.  He drew and erased and came to me and said I can't draw this leaf.  So I helped him out and showed him that I don't know how to draw well either but after we finished with my pep talk and my drawing he noticed it wasn't that hard after all.  So maybe next time he will want to draw more.
I want to get him also to add more color to his pages but I started him out slow and not adding a lot.  I'm glad that everything is all prepared for us to do.  Just go out and have fun.  Thanks Barb for making this available for us.  We are having fun and starting on our next challenge.  Haven't seen any chickadees around here so let's see which bird we decide to do.   

I haven't decided how to bind these pages so I'll just hold on to them till I decide if I want to spiral bind it. 

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Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

I am so glad you were able to get out for a "winter" walk. We are dreaming of snow here too but instead it still looks and seems very much like early spring.
If you make a house out of sticks, make sure to take a photo!

You can always do what I do when i can't get the leaf right, do a rubbing lightly with pencil and then go back with some color...works everytime. :)

Thanks for sharing your nature study!