Monday, January 2, 2012

Nature Study

Check this Youtube video out.  Looks like fun, right?

I have decided to join in on these nature studies.  Let's see how this goes.  We decided to use More Nature Study with the Outdoor Hour Challenge Book 2.

More Nature Study Book 2 Winter Wonder cover
Everything is explained in Barb's e-book.  There are 10 lessons and my boys will definitely want to do the magnet and the sheep lessons.  Of course the bird, tree, quartz, pansy, moon, winter weed and winter insect will be fun too.  

I like the fact that this e-book was made with children of all ages to enjoy so my young one and my high schooler will be doing this.  There are coloring pages which I love to do and my little one will get into it if he sees me doing it.  

Can't wait to get started.  Now who has sheep we can visit during this study?  Hhhmmmm??

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