Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday Fun and Not So Fun Friday

I thought I would start this off on a good and nice note. You'll see why later on. We got up early and my little one did school in pajamas. He loves his Thomas the Train pj's. We had planned on finishing up our lapbook but due to a doctors appt we stopped early and didn't finish but doesn't he look happy for being so early in the morning? I've got such smiley boys. Now before you scroll down let me warn some of you. The next two pictures are of what my hand looks like now after my appt with the doctor.
I had a thorn stuck in me for over a month and it wouldn't come out no matter what I tried. It was a bump that hurt every time I accidentally bumped my hand on something. So I figured enough was enough. I went to get it taken out. The doctor asked me to lay down and I asked if I could sit and watch. He looked at me and asked if I would faint. He asked me several times. Each time I told him that I wanted to watch and if I had brought I video camera I would have taped it. So I got 3 pokes with a needle to numb my finger. Then he started with the very sharp knife. It was amazing to see my finger getting cut and not feel it. Blood doesn't bother me and it's a good thing too. He eventually found the piece of thorn that was further down my finger than he thought. He had to cut deeper and deeper till it popped out. We all cheered. hehehe Ok, has anyone passed out on this story yet?
So there you have my story for today. I got 3 stitches and each was done differently. He was also teaching his new nurse so he was showing her the different ways to do this. I did ask him if I could cut a bit and to do a stitch but he didn't let me. aahhh man! Now my finger is swollen. I can't bend it too much because the nylon thread pulls. That is not a fun feeling.
Now are you wondering where I got that thorn? Picking lemons and oranges. It was worth it though. After all I got to see a dissection, live!


Nancy said...

You are too funny! Hope your finger feels better tomorrow. Glad you got it all taken care of.

School for Us said...

You are too funny! (You know, I was already thinking about starting my comment that way and noticed Nancy did the same thing!) Anyway, never pass up a learning experience, right?

I had surgery on both feet when I was about 16 or 17. I had bone spurs on the top of each foot and the doctor had to slice them open (after shots to numb my foot) and then use a drill to drill the bone down flat. I watched, too. :-)

Just: Carolyn said...

Now, I don't think I could have watched my bone getting cut down on my feet, but I think I could probably have watched them work on my finger...that's about all I could handle! ;-) hehehe

So are you still eating out cuz you can't cook with your finger stitched? Enjoy!!

Hope it heals quickly!
CH @};-