Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Picture Quiz

I went to visit my friend in California in 2004. I was going thru those pictures and found a few perfect for my picture quiz. I have enough for two Wednesdays so the other one will wait for next week. Here is this weeks picture quiz. Can you tell me what bird this is? My friend took me to Yosemite and I was able to take this picture as it came very close to us. It is beautiful. Although all of Yosemite was breathtaking I have never seen this bird in person till then. Oh what great memories this brings.

Ok so take your guess. Leave me a comment with your guess and I will post the answer this weekend. Is this one a bit more challenging? Did some of you have to look it up?
UPDATE: Yes, yes, yes!! This is a Steller Jay. We don't see them in Texas so I love that I was able to take this and he was not at a zoo but in his own natural surroundings.


denise said...

Wow-what a beautiful bird! We are listening to a cd of bird sounds this week and looking at the photos of the birds as we go through (boy, my cats love the cd!) but that bird is not in there...doubt it is in our area. :)

Nancy said...

A Stellar Blue Jay. I had to look it up just to be sure. Couldn't find many pictures. Yours is one of the best. Thanks for the game!

Just Carolyn said...

Yes, it is a Stellar's Jay! My son is doing a lapbook on British Columbia, and this bird is the provincial bird. ;-)
CH @};-

Just Carolyn said...

P.S. He is going to be doing our province next, Alberta...let's see if you can find out what our provincial bird is? Aha! A quiz for you this time! :D

LYS, CH @};-

School for Us said...

Hi! Well, I'm a little behind on blog-reading, so I missed this quiz. Anyway, I was happy that I recognized this as a Stellar's Jay! Though I wasn't positive. I think I learned it from reading Birds & Blooms magazine or from reading bird books and watching movies since I've become so bird-oriented. :-) Thanks for the quiz!