Sunday, January 13, 2008

How about an orchid?

We went to visit a friends husband who is very sick on Sunday morning. He has some orchids that are over 50yrs old. He has a greenhouse in the back that is heated in winter and has fans and vents for the summer. These flowers are truly amazing.

Isn't this orchid amazing?
These were tiny flowers all on one long stem.
I love yellow roses and yellow orchids are beautiful also.
I had to take this one. I just love my new camera. I can now take pictures like this and see the bee in mid-air.

What beautiful flowers. Some even had a wonderful scent.


Nancy said...

Love the picture with the bee! So awesome!

Just Carolyn said...

Yes, This one with the bee is amazing! How cool is your camera!! hehe I like the yellow flowers best too, but they are all so beautiful..and some are 50 years old? Wowee!

So Cool!
Love, CH @};-

School for Us said...

Those are great photos of some beautiful flowers. I have a few other posts to read, but I'm wondering what kind of camera you ended up buying?