Thursday, January 3, 2008

Now this is what I call SNOW

Since I was talking about snow and making "gravel angels" in yesterdays post I thought I would show you some real snow. This is our house the year of a lifetime. They called this the "snow of a century" because it might snow like this once in a century. This was Dec. 2004 and I had gone to pick up a friend at the airport the day before this snow in Houston. As we were coming back it was snowing. As we drove it was snowing and snowing harder and was piling up on the road. Now because this is Texas, we don't have the plows and equipment needed to clean the roads so it was piling and there were tons of cars on the side of the roads. What normally takes 2hrs to drive took me more like 8hrs if I remember correctly. I was traveling 20mph on the road to stay on the road. Any more and the van would slide around. That was a scary drive but we made it home ok and the following morning this is what we woke up to.

Of course, as Texans that don't ever get to see snow in Texas. Everyone and I mean everyone in our town was outdoors this morning. Some adults have never been in snow before or have ever made a snowman or a snowball. So it was interesting to see adults acting like kids out in the snow. Yep, even us. We had to take that picture. hehehehe We are actually on our knees.
This was our first attempt at making a snowman. I know you all from up North will laugh but what do we know?
This is our view out of the front door. It was truly amazing and beautiful.
Now, if I want to see this again I'll have to wait another century so I think I might have to go up North just to see snow. We have been known to do that.


Just Carolyn said...

That is so cool! It must have been fun for you all! I won't laugh at the snowman, I promise! :D

How special to be able to see that once in a century event.

CH @};-

School for Us said...

I love the photo on your knees. That one had me fooled! :-) We were actually out of town that week, but we also live a little further south than you and only got a dusting from what I heard. But, it was funny as we were up north visiting relatives and didn't get ANY snow!!!

Robin said...

Everybody always assumes that if you live in Virginia, you always get snows like that. But we have hardly any snow at all. I yearn for big snowfalls EVERY year. I grew up in Massachusetts and I guess I got spoiled by nice big snowfalls.
8-D I really love the snowman! He's got quite the schnoz on him, doesn't he?

Missi said... know my cousins who grew up in the Houston area never saw snow until they were adults!...That is so pretty and I am so glad the boys had the opportunity to see their home covered in a cozy white blanket ;)...Now I must say, I am a Texan and we get snow pretty much every year in my area (not a liek up north but some nonetheless)and EVERY year, were my husband is from in the Texas Panhandle, they get quite a bit (infact we drove through a snowstorm in Amarillo just last week)...Texas is like a small country with a vast amount of natural diversity!...Gotta love this big ol' state, rattlesnakes and

Penelope said...

Wow! You guys certainly got what you wished for! Love the snowman, looks very much like the ones we make! I hope it didn't destroy any crops in your area.

School for Us said...

Just wanted to let you know that TODAY is the last day for the Chagall exhibit! Sorry I didn't give more notice. And, I'm excited about Da Vinci coming to HMNS. We'll definitely be studying him! And, I love The Homeschool Store's used room, too. :-)