Thursday, February 14, 2008

My time

Have you ever been so tired that you just want some time to recuperate your sanity. I have done this a few times. I rarely leave my children behind and go on some alone time but I did go on a trip to California some years ago with only my little one and that was enough to give me a boost for a while. Not only did it give me a boost but also ignited my forgotten yearning of being out in beautiful places. I wrote about it here.
My last big fun was visiting a friend in Canada. I did truly enjoy our trip to just go get some groceries. Can you tell it was fun?
Seeing different places like these rejuvenates me and makes me appreciate the beauty in just being outdoors.
Besides being outdoors and seeing new things I get the much needed "pick me up" from just being with friends that have the same goals as I do. Even though I need some ME time I get that from being with friends even if we have our trail of kids behind us. Not necessarily talking but just having fun, just sitting under the trees and listening to the wind, just being outdoors.
I am in desperate need of some more ME time. Where, oh, where shall I go?


Tonya said...

I hear ya and know how you feel. I go to the theatre (live, not movie) to escape to myself for a while. I have many friends at the local theatre and always get a good pick me up when I'm there.

Just: Carolyn said...

My ME times are too few and far between! It was nice though to even just go grocery shopping together ;-)

LYS, CH @};-

Brit said...

You can always come to Virginia!