Friday, March 14, 2008

Nature Picture Quiz

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What is this Texas Wildflower? These are all down the roads as you are driving from one city to another. Wildflowers are starting to come out and soon our roads will be full of different varieties. You can be sure that I will be posting on this Nature Picture Quiz more Texas wildflowers as I come upon them in our travels.

As always, please, leave a comment with your guess as to what this might be. To some it is an easy guess and to others you will have to search you wildflower guides. I've already given you a few hints. It's a wildflower and it is all up and down the roads in Texas. So leave your guess and don't forget to look back on Friday for the answers. I know usually you all have made the right guess and it's great to see that.

See you all on Friday.

UPDATE: Yes, it's Pink Evening Primrose aka Buttercup. If you get your nose too close to the yellow pollen it will end up on your nose. Our wildflowers are starting to bloom along the roads so soon I will be taking a driving field trip to take pictures and will share. I can't wait to see them all the wildflowers.


Brit said...

Hmmm, it sortof looks like the poppies that we had in SoCal. Not sure though...

Missi said...

I know, I know...but it's unfair because I live in Texas and they are everywhere here :)...I will say the blossoms only survive one day...a day-to-day existence...and that their yellow cousin is used to make homeopathic oils:)~Missi

Just: Carolyn said...

My Guess is Evening Primrose! ;-)
It's just beautiful! When your done you should show us a picture of many of them.

ttyt, Love, Carolyn @};-

denise said...

Pink Evening Primrose...but my son liked the nickname "Buttercup" better! ;)

School for Us said...

Oh, I should have known that! We studied wildflowers last spring, and I don't know why, but I didn't recognize this one. I can't wait to go on some wildflower drives, either. :-)