Thursday, March 26, 2009

Waiting on Mother Nature

Are you wondering what I'm waiting for? We have been in drought conditions for a long time. It's hard not to get any rain. No rain water to fill the buckets at all. Still all our hard work is paying off. Our garden is starting to pop up. Look at our veggies.
Can you see our green beans? How neat is that. The last picture is our lettuce popping up.
So we got our hands dirty and did a lot of work to get it all done then we planted. Now the learning continues as our hard work pays off. We have all learned a lot about square foot gardening and how close or what to plant in a square. We also learned about the soils and what veggies to plant during different times of the year.
The learning will continue.....
Update: We got a little over an inch of rain! Finally some rain.

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MasterpieceMom said...

We were in extreme drought for months last year. It's lovely to have rain! (although i really don't like 4 days in a row of it!!!)