Friday, March 27, 2009

Zoo Fun

This week has been a little fun. We had a small field trip. Small because we went to the zoo and we have a very small zoo in town. We do plan on going to the zoo in Houston next week. It should be nicer and hopefully not too hot yet. We are of course doing this also into a lapbook experience. HOAC has a lapbook called A Trip to the Zoo. You can lapbook any zoo with it. So for now we just took pictures and had fun at the zoo and went over the first part and took a little trip to our local zoo.

There was a tortoise taking care of the lawn work. We laughed and decided that we needed one of these to take care of our lawn so we don't have to get that mower out. We actually would need a dozen or so but we would settle for one.

Then the peacocks were so beautiful. The male was trying to attract the attention of the female by puffing up and strutting his stuff. She didn't seem to be interested in him at all.

The colors are just gorgeous. Not only did we see the few animals there but also observed these beautiful flowers. They are purple and had an awesome smell. These big fat black bumblebees were attracted to them so the kids didn't stay around there too long.

Can you imagine the smell of those flowers. It's called a Wisteria.
So although we are not finished with out lapbook we did get a good start and are excited about working more on it next week after a trip to the zoo. This lapbook is for grades 3-6 but my 6yr old is doing them. That is the great thing of lapbooks, you can adjust for it to fit your children no matter what grade they are in. Stay tuned next week for our progress on our lapbook.


Kris said...

From here in New England, it is hard to imagine a place that might be too hot to visit right now, LOL. Field trips make for great hands on learning, and I just love the idea of enhancing that with a lapbook! Thanks for submitting this to the Hands On Homeschool blog carnival :-)

lbelly42 said...

I got to agree with the title of your blog. The sunset zoo is a place you can be all day. I usually book a room in one the hotels in manhattan ks, leave my stuff there, and run over to the zoo with my digital slr.