Thursday, April 16, 2009

Our first vacation bird sighting

I saw this bird once before in my life. It was in Canada when I was visiting a friend. Although I didn't get a very good look at it like this time. What a beautiful bird. I know some say this is more of a pest but the colors are beautiful. I made hubby stop so I could take these pictures. Good thing we were in a parking lot and out of traffic.

This was one of the birds Lewis and Clark saw on their trip through South Dakota in the 1800's. They mentioned that these birds were very bold and would enter their tents to steal food.

I think this is a beautiful bird no matter what anyone else says about it. hehehe Can't wait to see what other animals I come across in these parts of the woods.


School for Us said...

I saw one of these in Colorado, I think. Beautiful bird!!!

Just: Carolyn said...

Oh yes, the pesky magpies!! They arrre pretty, but once you know what they do to other birds don't like them anymore! ;-)

Great shots though!!